Evelyn Miks, Co-Chair

Evelyn Miks has resided in West Ridge for 15 years. She worked with AFSCME for over 20 years as a union organizer and then Regional Assistant Director. She also has a background in community organizing. Now retired, Evelyn is active in the community through the LEARN committee and WRCO to promote West Ridge economic development and establish a multi-cultural center.

Andrew Rowlas, Co-Chair

Andrew Rowhas worked in public schools for over38 years in Indiana and with Chicago Public Schools - mostly as a school counselor  but aslso with administrative experience as a principal. He was active in his professional organizations in the counseling profession and teacher bargaining rights in local school teacher associations when he worked in Indiana and Chicago. He is developing a Block Club for his residential block, active in newly formed Senior Village for our neighborhoods and serves on the Program Committee and, as WRCO Chair, initiated the re-establishment of the Warren Park Advisory Council.  He believes that the support of "community" is important in the emotional,  social, psychological well being of everyone.

Jeanne and Richard Trumbo