I first picked up a camera when I was nine years old, taking the trolley downtown Washington, D.C where my family lived. I photographed the slanted light between buildings, police cars and the inside of the trolley. I wish that roll of film still existed.

After moving to Chicago in 1982 I worked a commercial studio photographer, free-lanced and finally sought the legitimacy of academic credentials, completing a Masters in Photography from Columbia College in 1992.

I have worked to develop my own vision and purpose for photography resulting in the style I most use now which includes the augmentation and recombination of photographs and photographs with acrylic, watercolor or pastel paintings. I also cherish the single image. I have an on going project of photographing small rural towns in black and white.

My work has been exhibited near Los Angeles at the Silo 118 gallery, the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art. Locally, I have exhibited at Las Manos gallery and at the Greenleaf Art Center where I am an artist in residence. My website has extensive examples of the work described above.